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The International Alternative Court        


DOMINATION OF POLITICAL OPINIONS which has become a criterion and leitmotiv in civil status designation,  lays its imprint on the relations between people in society. It has also become the style of cultural relations between peoples and states.

The delicate tissue of cultures of different peoples and states has become a hostage of political style. Artists, musicians, poets, scientists, intelligentsia of different branches of culture, pedagogy and public health, farmers, creative apolitical people came upon dictate of politicians opinions, public moods, legal decisions.  

Politicians have put law-enforcing structures, economy, jurisprudence to serve their conceptions.

All wars in the world have been caused by politicians. There have been no wars proclaimed by artists, composers, musicians, writers, poets, scientists, farmers.

There have been no wars organized by women and those who feed all superstructures of the society.

Violence has become the tone and the themes of the politicians.

There are they who force antagonism of peoples towards each other and impudently use struggle for independence as a cover.

Means of mass information, as criterions of social and international events, started to echo in tone to politicians. There are no such legal categories as dishonest deed, unscrupulous person, scams, people who lost conscience, etc.

Because of this, in state structures, in law-enforcing structures, in economy sphere of economy have appeared uncontrollable spots whichthat get away with impunity.

If a citizen causes damage to society, then he is made answerable for that. But criminals, hiding in a state leadership and in law-enforcing structures, do not bear any responsibility.

Priviledges, absence of control and impunity for those who take shelter in haunts of vice of political structures, have led to a counter-anger of people who fell under injustice. This has become a reason of criminality increment, tension between intrastate peoples and of international relations.

We face the fact of criminality increment on the globe. There are reasons for that.

On the other hand, the art, joining the style of political themes, began to absorb the spirit of violence, immorality, humiliating Mans pride,  its captivated with inferior commercial production, not inoffensive in its psychological aspects of subconscious education of people and youth.

On belief, or on commercial motive, or on own spirit, or on political ambitions acts a category of people which causes irreparable damage to Mans and peoples cultural heritage. Fast profits, which cause deep harm to the human heritage and human environment, are made maliciously and with impunity there, where these evil deeds do not fall under juridical notions of political style.

Finely, any person, or group of people or people who have got moral losses, are deprived of rights in a courts psychological climate, built on political spirit of intellectual conceptions.

Punishment is carried out on the principle of criminals physical isolation or monetary fine.

As a result of the political style of thinking, lost are categories of honesty, conscience, moral responsibility, shame of a deed. There is no fear of committing a trickery, criminal does not fear a court of honour, and public reprimand does not have the force of a juridical punishment.

All moral categories have served as the greatest achievement of peoples, ethnic groups, families.
Moral reprimand had a stronger effect than physical or financial punishment.
HAVING BECOME HOSTAGES of a political style of evaluations and dictate, peoples, states, families started to lose the force of the psychological and moral insentives and punishments.
At times, some director produces a morally damaging film, knowing that juridically he is not punishable. Politicians behave impudently and publish cynical memoirs after causing people irreparable moral damage.
Scientists and medical specialists work zealously to politicians demand, creating means of violence. They are not conscience-stricken because they are criminally encouraged by politicians to prepare tools for a future crime. Executors in the law-enforcing structures submit only to politicians, without a moments thought about honour and conscience in the face of own people and of the international community. There are countless examples of violence in juridical court towards citizens who protect cultural and moral values of own people - only because they create an alternative to the political dictate.

HAVING BECOME WITNESSES of the fact that all wars are caused by politicians and that  power is usurped by them so that the law-enforcing struuctures are subordinated to them, that peoples destinies depend on their ambitions and style of thinking, we are placed by politicians to face an acute problem of human survival on Earth and in Cosmos.

KNOWING that they are politicians who use activity of scientists, biologists and medical specialists making them criminals for creation of potential means of violence and peoples extermination, it has been decided to announce appeal for confrontation with the source of means and methods of violence.

REALIZING THE FACT that some public figures in arts and means of mass information fill their production with spirit of antagonism and violence, advertizing boorishness, debauchery, cynism, offering it for imitation and bringing this way up the rising generation.

FACING THE FACT that artists, writers, poets, composers, pedagogs, educators, scientists, informal organisations, cultural and educational associations and all creative forces have become hostages of political parties in whose hands juridical, economic and law-enforcing rights are concentrated, decision has been taken to establish International Alternative Court.

REALIZING the moral damage already caused and the unfavorable ethical inheritance of the politicianss activity as well as the echoing to them of public figures in culture and means of mass information, we appeal to all apolitical forces to participate in restoration of the gap, created by politicians through their dictate, uzurpation of power, right to means of subsistence allocation, right to control defence forces of the society. We appeal to realize it and  to place a barrier to infliction of damage to the moral and cultural inheritance of all times, countries and peoples.

For this purpose the International Alternative Court is established (the Court).
The intended purpose of the Court should be interpreted only within the frames of its Statute.