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La Cour Internationale Alternative

The International Alternative Court        

B.  Rights of participation  in the activity of the International Alternative Court.

To participate in the activity of the Court may:
a)    non-party public organisations, Statute of which carry spirit of humane activity;
b)    state organisations, not belonging in their activity to govermental and party groupings;
c)    peoples meetings and forums;
d)    Associations and Unions of composers, artists, writers and other non-party varieties;
e)    Parties of  apolitical creative tendency;
f)    Prominent public figures in literature, arts, pedagogy, science, public health, whose activity is not stained by their works, or scientific elaborations, or medical investigations so that their works or deeds have served as tools of just and unjust violence in the hands of politicians or law-enforcing structures in a sense of inflicting cultural. or moral, or genetic damage;
g)    Private persons whose public activity characterize them as people with honor and conscience.

Your proposals, opinions, requests for participation send to: